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"Ages ago, during the genesis of the universe, Chaos, by chance produced Order, in the form of a song that would echo throughout the void, bringing form from wither there was naught but randomness. So our world came to be. The beings who inhabited it were gods, but the Entropy of Order is absolute, and Evil came as those beings warred for power..."

Katabatia is a rogue-like game inspired by Rogue, Sword of Fargoal, and Ancient Domains of Mystery. Katabasis is an old Greek word that translates to, "go down" and often is used to describe various Greek heroes' journeys into the underworld. The game was programmed by Jeffrey Ouellette with music by Andreas Samuelson.

Objective: Descend 20 floors to battle the Dark One, secure the Amulet of Yendor and return to the surface. Features a custom tileset, or classic text look. Choose Music or SFX. Playable with joystick alone, or keyboard. 3 endings depending on achievements during the game.


Katabatia.prg 37 kB
Katabatia manual 17 kB

Install instructions

Requires Commodore 64 or Emulator

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